The celebration of Valentine’s Day with the use of flowers has been associated with a well-known story that it began after the shot of a first love arrow by cupid into a shy suitor. Earlier only men used to send flowers to their beloved partners, but now women have also started following the same practice on this day of lovers.Image of valentine flowers and gifts

The Origin

This holiday is known to originate in the Lupercalia’s pagan festival and is recognized greatly in the United States, Austria, Germany, France and England. During the early 19th century, people used to express their emotions through a popular custom of using romantic cards, while the practice of using flowers is a recent one that was enabled by the floral industry and not by any prehistoric conviction. Read More →

04-flore-del-solThe tradition of sending and receiving flowers has been in use since the ancient times. People belonging to the medieval times have also been known to send gifts made of flowers to their beloved. Until the mid of the 1700s, flowers got different meanings attached to them, serving a great way of expression of feelings of the people who were unexpressive. This trend further expanded to other parts of the world when the English and French travelers started spreading the etiquette of the use of flowers with respect to their meanings.

This form used for the expression of emotions was adopted by the Victorian Society very promptly. Different meanings have been attached to the way flowers were presented and accepted along with their color, condition, size, position in the arrangement, accompanying flowers. However, their use gained so much reputation that giving an upside down flower was meant to deliver the opposite message, while their reception was termed to the acceptance or rejection of related messages. Read More →

Man with BouquetAll little girls love flowers more than almost anything else and therefore, their birthdays are incomplete, or rather impossible to take place without loads of flowers. Months before the birthday parties are actually held, the planning begins and every single detail is taken care of, because anything to please your baby girl, right? Balloons, cake, gifts by EasyFlowers Bhubaneswar; everything is set up to perfection but something will still seem missing: the flowers! The flowers will not only make your daughter and her friends happy, but will also help make the party atmosphere much more beautiful and appealing. Read More →

flower celebrationFlowers are the brilliant and vivacious way to express the feelings of our heart. By conveying the hearty wishes with bunch of flowers drives your love to the charming and romantic world. These flowers have the ability to change the mood of the person to pleasant ones. These flowers have great importance in the rituals performed in India. These fragile blooms are the perfect and best gift that can ever be given for a person. You can shower your love, happiness and care for the loved ones by presenting the gorgeous bouquet filled with their favorite color flowers. You can expect a sweet smile and twinkle in their eyes by presenting the exotic and gorgeous flowers. Read More →

Flowers in Celebration of Joy04-flore-del-sol

If you want to celebrate any success or joy like getting promotion in office, birthdays make a contrasting arrangement of flower with bold colors like blues, oranges, greens and bright yellows. 03-floral-evolution

Not only beautiful arrangements of flowers help you to express your feelings but also it has good influence on your health. It keeps your mind fresh and helps you to become more fit to your everyday work. For releasing melatonin that can help you get sound sleep at night, Bluebells is very much useful. If you have allergic problems, scatter orange daisies round your home and you will definitely feel the difference.IMG_4415-700x466

Orange daisies also help to improve the immune system and lung of your body. Flowers in workplace are also helpful in improving productivity energy level among the workers. It is scientifically proven that flowers are useful in enhancing both short and long term memory. 120814-488-700x1049

Success in any workplace very much depends on the total productivity of employees. So, working as a unit rather than separately is very much important for making a successful. Flower also brings unity and companionship among employees of an organization.

wedding-flowers-wedding-flower-pictures-10Regarding the silk flowers

These are the types of artificial flowers made of silk used instead of natural flowers. The uses of the silk flower are almost the same as that of the natural flowers. These flowers look very bright, gorgeous and are very much lasting. The silk flowers are offered by reputed florists and brands in India as well the whole globe. The flower is widely used for interior decoration in the home as well kitchen of the households. The decoration with silk flowers is also popularly known as the silk flower decors. These flower arrangements are also extensively placed in shops as well shopping malls.

The shapes

The silk flowers can be shaped in the form of all types of flowers starting from rose to tulips. The stems and leaves can also be parted with green colors on silk material. The various colors of flowers can also be added to the silk artificial flowers and look like real. The best feature of the silk flowers is the high durability. The original flower smell can also be added to the flower by different types of very high quality natural fragrances. The freshness of these fragrances also stays for very long. Read More →

chocolate-giftsSo you finally decided to get married? Well, what can I say but congratulations and I know you will have long and happy years ahead of you. Of course weddings are a real handful (you should know that already), and sometimes things get overlooked or just plain forgotten. One thing every good wedding host must provide for their guests are gift baskets to take home after the reception. Now, traditionally you are not obligated to give anything to your guests, but we live in modern times and people are kind of expecting something in return for their wedding gifts (which are way, way more expensive than, let’s say an assorted box of chocolates), and you will be considered a bad host if you don’t indulge in this new age trend. For what its worth, you have to make a commitment and follow the strict code of gift giving in the context of weddings. But there is an addendum to the rule, and it is as follows: Read More →

floralLove is a feeling which can be expressed only with the most appropriate words and with the most appropriate action. One such action involves the use of the right flowers to be gifted to the person you love the most so as to make sure that he or she understands that you love him or her with all your heart and soul and are willing to commit to them for the entire life to come. Flowers say a lot of things without saying anything in person; they convey a deep and thoughtful meaning which is essential for two people being in love. Flowers are the best way to let the other person know how much you love him or her and you do not need to express or show the quantum of your likeness, the flowers and the number of them will do so without having to be bothered about. Gifting a person with bunch of flowers in Mumbai, if you really like a bunch of red roses is a clear indication of your proclamation of your undying love and your desire to get into a serious and not flickering relationship with the person. Similarly, there are various other flowers and manners which represent and portray your love without you actually having to say anything. Here is a list of such flowers and manners or ways which express your feelings and desire to the other person: Read More →

flower color combinationsOne of the finest points in creating a beautiful flower garden is the combination of the flowers depending on their colours. Such combination is possible only between species that bloom simultaneously or overlap each other’s blooming period, so that when it comes to larger green areas where there are planted a lot of species, variations are possible.

Most gardeners think that passive cool colours are more unattractive than the active “warm” colours, so blue and violet flowers are usually planted in the front part of the green area, while those with red, orange and yellow blossoms are planted in the back part of the green area. Read More →

wedding3Most commonly used flowers for arrangements

When people come in at the wedding, it’s the first thing that seeks their attention. The most commonly used flowers are:


  • Marigold: Marigolds or “gendas” are the most popular flower of Indian wedding. It is of an orange and yellow colors and trust me it looks beautiful when both are mixed together and put to decorate the house. Marigold is a popular choice among Indians. It is also used to worship Vishnu. Marigold petals are also added to “Rangoli” for beauty. This flower is long lasting because it stays fresh for 2-3 days.


  • Tulip: Another variety which is increasingly in demand is the tulip. It is of very sweet color and symbolizes love for each other.


Flowers are used in different designs and people take it very seriously because of its importance in the couple’s life. These are mostly used:

  • Flowers for decorating car and horses
  • For  putting in hair
  • Bouquets for bride
  • Decorating the house
  • Decorating the Mandap area
  • Decorating the wedding area
  • Decorating the temple, church etc.