fngf097It is hard to decide to select gifts for the newborn or small kids. And if go to baby shop, it is big enough to exhaust you and it may be possible that you are not contented enough in spite of a long walk. Online shopping offers you wide choice that you can choose from with your family and spare time on your terms. If you know the taste of the receiver of the gift, you can pick one from the list and as per your budget. There are few sites which offer ex-change or cash back facility if the gift is returned.

Happy TimeFlowers are very important part of the cultural functions and sports meets in colleges. The college gateways and the auditoriums are beautifully decorated with different types of flowers. Flower bouquets and bunches are the two mainly designed flower arrangements. The flowers are decorated in various shapes and sizes, giving numerous designs and letters on the stages. The students honor the principal of the college and the chief guests with flower bunches and bouquets. Girls’ also adorn themselves with ornaments made of flower on special college as well as inter college functions.

Gifts or presents are the things which everybody likes. From children to elders are fond of gifts. We can read beyond the eyes of the receiver of the gift. His/her face bursting with surprise, joy and happiness gives pleasure to the person offering a gift. Gifts can be of any type; big or small, handy or trendy, usable or a showpiece, but they are ‘priceless’. The value of the gifts is infinite as they are from and for near and dear ones. We try to read the mind of a person for whom the gift is being offered. Gifts contain feeling of both the giver and the receiver.  Gifts are for the occasions and vice a versa.

Gifting in Kolkata for a selected occasion may seem a little bit difficult, however, could be a distinctive one with your creative ideas. We come along with various occasions in our life. The list is non ending. It may be a marriage party or a formal birthday party of a colleague, or a naming ceremony or a house warming invitation. For all these events gifts should be unique one that would make an impression of your artistic nature.

Nature of occasion

First of all we will differentiate events as family events and otherwise. The choice of gifts and budget differs from event to event. There are no Don’ts in the case of prices while we offer gifts to close relatives while one has to budget the gift for corporate or non-family function.

Family events or functions would embrace Diwali, Raksha-Bandhan, Valentine’s days, Mother’s/Father’s day. With these functions, we offer the gifts for near and dear ones. For personal occasions like a birthday, Raksha-Bandhan, Valentine’s Day, we should keep in the mind that person for whom we are selecting a gift.  It should be useful to that person. For example, Branded perfume and attractive watch could be given to both male and female.  And, we can offer branded shirts/T -shirts, sports accessories or goggles to young boys who are naturally fond of all these. For aged person in the home we could present clothes of their choice. For female of young generation, trendy western wear on jeans, or a jewelry set could be one of the better options.

Sometimes, in case of family members we can take suggestions from them only what they want, but surprise gift gives more contentment than an already known gift. For festive events we can provide personal gifts that are useful to the person or we can gift to the house as such. Here, we have got a wide choice of gifts such as a striking wall clock, a beautiful wall piece that may increase the beautifulness of the wall. Also, eye-catching corner piece or a vase may be a much better alternative. These gifts are also useful for housewarming party.

In personal gifts, we can’t forget books if we are giving them to close one as they are long lasting, but one should know about the books he/she reads.

Flowers are integral part of our art, culture, literature, religious worship and celebrations. In the ancient epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata even mentioned about the beautiful flowers and gardens. The lotus has been mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit scripture of the Vedic times. Mention of the lotus was also made by Kalidasa in his play Shakuntala. The poet Asvaghosa also mentions the lotus in his Buddha Charita. Read More →

Mother Nature has provided us with various types of gifts. Flowers are the best gift provided by her to all of us. No other gift will be so expressive as flowers. By gifting flowers, an individual can easily express his or her feeling to another person. Wide range of floral arrangements is provided by florists so that people get attracted to the same.  The masters of Floriculture can provide enough grips in flower market.  You can find different variety of online florist who can easily supply you with the variety of flowers in different cuts and exotic smells.

Flower delivery

Same day flower delivery is ensured by many florists to all those who wish to get the fresh flowers for some special occasion. There are flower based businesses such as wholesale flower business, export of flowers and retail sale in flowers. Today, getting fresh flowers has become really very easy. You can come online and select the flower boutique shop. Online booking of a bouquet is also possible. The best floral arrangements for the birthday parties, wedding, corporate events, etc. can be easily arranged by the famous online flower boutique shops. Read More →

Use of Flowers Historically

Historically, flowers were grown for a number of reasons, primary being for religious ceremonies and medicinal purpose. Whether it was a wedding, a yagna, a festival or any other celebration, without flowers, everything was incomplete. Garlands of flowers adorned the deity in the temple while flower petals were used for making floor decorations. Another use of flowers, which was discovered a little later, was for making perfume. Read More →

The Christmas celebration extends to twelve days, and it begins with the Christmas day. It ends on 5th of January and is known as Christmastide. It is not celebrated much at present, as the celebration ends with Christmas day. In the past the celebration lasted twelve days and ended on the 12th night. This period of twelve days is known as the Christmas period. Before the 12th night, the decorations and lightings are taken down as its considered bad luck to put it after that. These twelve days represent 12 months of the year. People celebrating the Christmastide exchange gifts on each day representing each month. This ritual is supposed to bring good luck to people the whole year. Let flowers delivered to Gurgaon in special days like Christmas. Read More →

What are festivals without good food and sweets, without new clothes, without loved ones nearby and without gifts?  The last one amongst them is probably the most important. As Thomas Fuller says, ‘A gift, with a kind countenance, is a double present.’ The tradition of gifting and exchanging gifts is rooted in the thought of sharing the blessings that God has on us, with others.  Read More →

Delivery of flowers

Nowadays, people are streamlined in their day to day activities and they find absolutely no time to reach out to a florist, choose the best quality and a variety of flowers to make a bouquet and getting it delivered to the loved ones. This process is made easy using mediators / vendors or even online websites delivering flowers on your behalf on the same day. In some cases people tend to forget their anniversaries or their spouse’s birthdays and they would not be able to locate a florist. It is also possible   that our loved one might be located in a completely different city and it would physically not be possible to deliver flowers on the same day. Such requirements are fulfilled using a mediator or an online website. Delivering flowers fill the personal absence to a large extent. Read More →

Sending flowers online or through florists, who deliver them personally, is a very good method of surprising your dear ones.  You can send flowers online on the special day of your friend’s birthday and surprise him/her by making them a unique person on this earth.

You can also add your personal message along with the flowers or can just ask the florist to write a message on your behalf, when sending it online. The website offers various other facilities for payment. Read More →