Flowers on a Budget

It is true that most flowers that are sold in the florist shop are expensive. The reason for this is that they have been grown with that extra special care for selling. If you thought buying flowers from the florist is beyond your budget, then think again. There are ways and means by which you can buy flowers without them creating a dent in your budget.

Since flowers are best bought when fresh, florists offer discount on flowers which are probably a little old. It is also a good idea to look for special season discounts like those for Diwali or Christmas that online florists offer to popularise the idea of gifting. Sometimes you get discount coupons along with some purchases at the mall or when some new scheme is launched. Keep an eye open for such bargains. Read More →

India is a land of different varieties of flowers and flowers are very much linked to the Indian culture. Flowers are an essential part of the Indian ecology. India has many states and there are different types of flowers seen in different states. These flowers make the country very colourful and beautiful. Flowers have a role to play, be it anything about India. There are many botanical gardens in India and also various flower shows being held in different parts of the country. There are flowers of different shapes, sizes and colours in all parts of India, making it unique.

Indian history of flowers

Flowers have always been liked by the Indian people. Indian history shows that Indians have been using flowers since ages. Flowers are used as a symbol of good luck. India who treats her guests as God has used flowers as an icon of welcoming guests. The ancient Indian literature also gave a special place to flowers. Many famous personalities have mentioned flowers in many of their famous creations. For, e.g. the famous literary personality Kalidasa has mentioned Lotus, which is also the national flower of India in his play Shakunthala. Read More →

Being in the Indian subcontinent and being right in the middle of its cultural extravaganzas, one can easily call out the new age ideas sprouting in the young urban India and find that it has deeply rooted to the traditional upbringing of the nation.


Indians does believe in symbolism. There is a need and scope for symbolism in everything we do. Be it a marriage or an obituary. Celebration of birth or victory, there is callous patterns of the tradition in them. Flowers make way into any such occasion as a default element in use. Flower brings in the warmth and freshness of bliss.

Flowers for every occasion: Read More →

If there is a celebration of farewell party of a senior at office, you can easily gift fresh flowers and show respect towards him. Even you have come across various situations when teachers are provided with a farewell when they are going for a retirement.  This is the very sensitive occasion.

The individual would be emotionally attached to the organization as well as people associated with the organization. Thus, each and every step that you will be taking to please the person must be filled with respect and fun. You should not do anything which might play with the emotion of the person.

But the fresh flowers wound work wonderfully when it comes to a farewell ceremony. The flower as a gift will make the person emotionally attached. He will be really happy to accept the gratitude and recognition that is preserved within the bouquet of fresh flowers. This, way a floral business involves a lot of pleasure in bringing happiness in the face of individual.

Today you don’t have to hold the flowers in bare hand. The bouquet style associated with each and every flower boutique store has provided a revolution. Today, you are able to get dried and wet foams associated with flower bouquets. The foams work in a magical way to keep the artificial as well as natural flowers intact.

You don’t need a particular reason for using fresh flowers. There are many occasions where the fresh flowers can be used. You don’t have to keep the living flowers inside the flower vase filled with water. Rather, the florist has other method of preserving fresh flowers in bouquet.