flower color combinationsOne of the finest points in creating a beautiful flower garden is the combination of the flowers depending on their colours. Such combination is possible only between species that bloom simultaneously or overlap each other’s blooming period, so that when it comes to larger green areas where there are planted a lot of species, variations are possible.

Most gardeners think that passive cool colours are more unattractive than the active “warm” colours, so blue and violet flowers are usually planted in the front part of the green area, while those with red, orange and yellow blossoms are planted in the back part of the green area. Read More →

1We all know that a home-made waterfall designed according to the specific needs and features of your garden can make your entire place look cosy and tranquil. It will also help you turn the garden at home to one of the most-desired places where you and your family can have some rest and relaxation.

Of course, you can do a waterfall and a little pond in your garden by yourself. The procedure is not hard as long as you wish to do it properly.

The overall design of your garden waterfall depends on the specific topographic features of the place you have chosen, on your water pump and the length of the pipe that you are going to use, on the height of the “terrace” where the water will be falling down. However, one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to a garden waterfall design is choosing the right plants that will make the place look even better and will provide your garden with even more balanced and natural look that will help you feel nature closer than ever before. Read More →

FQ52Growing Gerberas

You can prepare Gerbera planting by digging the soil at about 8 inches depth. After that you need to dig about 1 or 2 inches of manure. There should be spacing provided amidst each plant. A spacing of 18 inches is usually provided between the plants. Make sure that you do not cover the crown of the plant as it can suffocate the plants.

Natural mulch like compost, bark or shredded leaves should be spread round the plant during the spring. This mulch has to be applied around the plant carefully leaving space about the crown of the plant. Read More →

Happy TimeGardening flowers can be a great hobby. There are several factors that need to be considered while gardening flowers. Some of these factors are:

  • Choosing the right kind of flowers to plant in the land area. Select the flowers that do not take much space in the area.
  • Climate should be considered.
  • The type of flowers must be considered. There are many varieties of attractive flowers that can be chosen to beautify gardens.
  • Proper arrangement of flowers should be considered in order to ensure provide space.

Flowers have always been one of the best choices to express love and affection. Its mere presence adds beauty to any occasion. Their enchanting smells fill up your hearts with happiness. Every flower is infused with meaning. Certain types of flowers are:

  • Roses: Rose meanings vary according to the color. Each color has a distinct meaning : Red, the lovers rose is the symbol of love, passion and longing; white signifies peace, purity, innocence; yellow represents pure friendship and joy; pink symbolizes grace, elegance, appreciation; orange symbolizes excitement, desire; peach represents sincerity, gratitude and friendship.
  • Orchids: Orchids represent love, strength, beauty and luxury. These flowers look amazing in marriages.Green_Lifestyle
  • Tulips: Different tulip colors carry different meanings : Yellow tulips symbolizing friendship, cheerfulness, white conveying forgiveness. A tulip bouquet represents grace and elegance.
  • Carnations: Carnations express love and affection. White carnations represent pure love, innocence and good luck whereas red carnations indicate love, admiration and pink symbolize love, purity and innocence.
  • Lily: Lilies symbolize purity and virtue. White lilies are also called as wedding flowers. Parts of lily have specific religious significance.


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