Use of Flowers Historically

Historically, flowers were grown for a number of reasons, primary being for religious ceremonies and medicinal purpose. Whether it was a wedding, a yagna, a festival or any other celebration, without flowers, everything was incomplete. Garlands of flowers adorned the deity in the temple while flower petals were used for making floor decorations. Another use of flowers, which was discovered a little later, was for making perfume. Read More →

Sending flowers online or through florists, who deliver them personally, is a very good method of surprising your dear ones.  You can send flowers online on the special day of your friend’s birthday and surprise him/her by making them a unique person on this earth.

You can also add your personal message along with the flowers or can just ask the florist to write a message on your behalf, when sending it online. The website offers various other facilities for payment. Read More →

Flowers are delicate and a perfect gift for someone you love. Flowers can be presented on any occasion, such as birthdays, weddings or any other event. It is necessary to choose the right flowers for the occasion or person.

Choosing the Right Flowers

  • First of all you should consider the occasion and whether you want to give a single flower, bouquet or the whole plant as a gift. For. E.g. if you are attending a house-warming ceremony, you can give a plant. What can be a perfect gift than a single rose plant? Read More →

India is a land of varied climate and as a result number of flowers grows here. Floral have a special place in the Indian homes with people growing flowering plants as a way to decorate their homes. Blooms have been a part of the offering made to the deity and even today a religious ritual is not complete without flowers. In fact, specific flowers are known to its attachment to specific Gods. Lotus, the national flower of the country also finds place as an important flower in literature of the ancient and medieval times.

The love for floral was universal and even the Mughal Emperors supported gardens. The world-famous flower gardens of Kashmir; Shalimar and Nishat gardens are there. Indian women have for centuries adorned their hair with flowers of jasmine. Flowers are also an important aspect of the Indian wedding. In fact, in some cultures the bride accustom with floral jewellery. The flowers are also used for various medicinal purposes in the Ayurvedic School of medicine.

Over the years, gifting of blooms to friends, colleagues and relatives on special occasions has also become popular. In fact, flowers are a part of the Indian wedding used for rituals as well as for decorative purposes. Earlier, there used to sell flowers who used to sell marigold and rose for temples and scented flowers like jasmine adorned in ladies’ hair. Then, came the concept of gifting flowers and the roadside flower sellers transformed themselves into florists with shops. They would keep fresh-cut flowers and fashion them into a simple bouquet at the request of the customer.

Today things have gone a step ahead. With internet taking over all aspects of marketing, even flowers are not left. The physical florist shop has converted into an online one. Due to lack of time and the fast-paced life, the online shop is convenient to all. From the comforts of the home, one can place order for flowers to delivered as gifts anywhere across the country. The ability to visit multiple online shops gives the customer the freedom of choice in terms of a variety of flowers as well as the price range. The online flower shop is a well-designed website with beautiful and clear pictures of the flower arrangements as well as their prices all available at the click of a button at any time of the day or night.

Flowers are the ideal gift for all occasions and so the flower business is a thriving one. With an online shop, the florist has direct contact with a number of flower growers who can supply specific flowers. The other connection is with the carrier companies which collect flowers from the grower and deliver it. This reduces storage time and ensures delivery of fresh flowers.

With the number of online florists increasing, those in competition need to think of means of keeping themselves above the surface. This has led to professionalism both in the service aspect as well as the creative aspect. The florists keep themselves abreast of the developments in the world of flowers. Gone are the days when a bunch of roses wrapped in cellophane paper was enough as a Valentine’s Day gift. These days’ online florists keep options of chocolates, soft toys and other such accessories as accompaniment to the flowers. There is a large variety of gift boxes, baskets, wrappers, etc. to choose from. The florists are leaving no tables unturned to make sure that their customers get the best and in the process stay loyal to them.

Carnations- These are, also known as flowers of God and signify ‘fascination’. They are found in a wide range of colours like pink, red, white, striped, green, yellow and purple. Pink Carnations suggest mother’ love, red stands for romantic love and white for pure love and together in a bunch they convey your love for your parents.

Gerberas – These belong to the Daisy family and like the daisies are symbolic of innocence, playfulness and purity. These emotions can be conveyed to someone you do not know very well so you could take them for the hostess, for your boss and even your teachers.

Iris – Iris grows in shades of blue and purple (there are white, yellow and orange iris too) colours which are not very common in flowers. The flower is a symbol of eloquence, wisdom and purity.

Orchids grow in mind boggling varieties of colours, shapes and sizes. The exquisiteness of orchids conveys emotions ranging from beauty, love, maturity, charm and thoughtfulness.

Rose – A discussion on flowers would be incomplete without the mention of the Rose, which is undisputed in both beauty and aroma.  The red Rose has always been a symbol of love. The yellow Rose signifies friendship while the white Rose stands for purity.

The best part about gifting flowers is that you do not really have to wait for special occasion because any occasion can be made special with flowers. However, you need to learn their secret language of flowers and be sure of the emotion that your bouquet of chrysanthemums, daisies, carnations or the seasonal flowers convey.


From time immemorial, flowers have been used to express emotions without verbal communication. Centuries ago, the Greeks used flowers to adorn their palaces, later in the harems of the Middle East flowers were used to pass on messages between lovers. In the Victorian era, the formal language of flower was decoded and compiled into books.

Flowers as Gifts: Flowers are probably the best gift nature has given to us. They personify beauty and perfection and therefore make an ideal gift. Traditionally, flowers have been gifted on almost all occasion’s right from birth to marriage and anniversaries to housewarming. The special thing about flowers is that they can be gifted by anybody and to anybody; there is no differentiation between the rich and the poor, the young and the old or a boy and a girl. So, flowers have a universal appeal about them as far as gifting is considered.

Birth Flowers: Romans, with their ideas of using flowers for decorations at birth and gifting flowers to the new born, started the concept of birth month flower. Each calendar month is associated with a flower which generally blooms during that season. There are certain qualities associated with the flower, which are supposed to be inherent even in the person born in that month.

Flowers say ‘I love you’ – Love is probably the most common emotion expressed by gifting flowers. The idea, made popular by the media has caught on especially amongst the younger generation. A bouquet of flowers sent to your loved ones will say that you love them louder than your own words ever can. And, the surprise of having received the flowers will stay with them long after the flowers have wilted. So, whether it is for wooing someone or for rekindling romance the choice of flowers is varied. You could take your pick from send red roses, daisies, carnations, iris, orchids, lilacs, lilies, tulips and sunflowers.

Flowers say ‘best wishes’ – A bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers gifted on wedding anniversaries expresses wishes of togetherness. According to a popular belief, Daffodils are for the 10th anniversary, Lilies for 20th, Sweet Peas for 30th and Violets for 50th anniversary! An assorted bunch of flowers can be gifted, to someone about to appear for an exam or a job interview, to say ‘all the best’. It would be ideal to give an assortment of Lilies, Poppies, Carnations, Geraniums, Peonies, Morning Glory depending on the season.

Flowers say ‘I care’ – An assortment of fresh and bright flowers from the garden and kept besides a patient generate positive energy and result in quicker recovery. Apart from being beautiful, flowers have a beautiful smell and their lingering aroma stays on for a long time as a reminder of the caring act of gifting.

Flowers say ‘thank you’- A simple bunch of fresh flowers is an ideal gift if you have been invited over by someone for a meal. They convey your regards to the hosts and thank them for their hospitality. In India a number of festivals are celebrated by different religions. Though specific flowers are used in different traditions for different rituals, over the years, the trend of gifting flowers on festivals has increased.