The Christmas celebration extends to twelve days, and it begins with the Christmas day. It ends on 5th of January and is known as Christmastide. It is not celebrated much at present, as the celebration ends with Christmas day. In the past the celebration lasted twelve days and ended on the 12th night. This period of twelve days is known as the Christmas period. Before the 12th night, the decorations and lightings are taken down as its considered bad luck to put it after that. These twelve days represent 12 months of the year. People celebrating the Christmastide exchange gifts on each day representing each month. This ritual is supposed to bring good luck to people the whole year. Let flowers delivered to Gurgaon in special days like Christmas. Read More →

About the occasion

Christmas is one of the biggest and brightest festivals of the whole world on 25th December, every year. Christmas is observed to celebrate the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ, the preacher of Christianity. Although it is a holy occasion of the Christian people, but people of almost all the religions of the globe celebrate on this occasion. Christmas is an occasion of celebration pomp and grandeur. In this festival people express love and care for each other by exchanging gifts and sweets. People go to the houses of friends and relatives to enjoy the occasion. They decorate houses with colorful papers, balloons and decorative. It is an occasion of love and laughter. Read More →

Jesus Christ was born on 25th of December. This day is celebrated as Christmas by millions of people residing around the world. Christmas is an occasion of Christians. But, people from different parts of the nation belonging to various religion and culture enjoy the occasion. This day is regarded as a civil holiday around the world. Even the increasing number of non Christian people participates in this occasion to get every bit of enjoyment. In schools and colleges, the authority provides a week or a month as Christmas holiday. Since Christmas is celebrated during winters, countries or places far away from equator freezes. Holiday is also provided to enjoy the freezing climate of winter during Christmas. Read More →

Autumn is the season of festivals in India. It is the perfect season to spread love and warmth as the mercury cools down. Festivals are the most important part of India, where people of irrespective any religion gets a chance to portray their love for all the religions and spreading it across with utmost respect. India is also referred to as a country of festivals. The true culture of India can be witnessed during the festive season and the best occasion is in the season of autumn. The basic intention behind any festival is to share happiness and be in harmony with the other humans and it can be strongly experienced in India.  Read More →

What are festivals without good food and sweets, without new clothes, without loved ones nearby and without gifts?  The last one amongst them is probably the most important. As Thomas Fuller says, ‘A gift, with a kind countenance, is a double present.’ The tradition of gifting and exchanging gifts is rooted in the thought of sharing the blessings that God has on us, with others.  Read More →

Dhanteras is one among the most auspicious day for Hindus. It usually comes in the month of October or November. It is celebrated a day before Diwali. Dhanteras day is considered a good day to buy new things for home. People buy coins of gold, new vehicles, silver, etc. on this day. People clean their offices and put a lamp on the front gate of house and decorate it with colors and lights to welcome the goddess of wealth. It is the 1st day of five days Diwali celebrations. The idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh are worshipped and prayers for good health and wealth for family are done. To please the goddess the whole house is decorated with rangoli and lamps and the goddess of wealth is worshipped so that your present luck remains so and to invite more wealth and success in the future. Read More →

Valentine’s Day:

This day is considered a heritage day for voicing feeling of love and affection to a lover, spouse or a special person who has made a difference. Roses are considered the most liked and gifted flower. On this day, one put forward their feeling through roses. Each color of rose means one kind of feelings like a red rose is for love, yellow is for friendship, pink is for thankfulness, a rose without a thorn is for love at first sight and so on. Hence, the message is apt and clear to the person receiving it. Just a rose would complete the day and make it special.

Some of the other gatherings where flowers are used are house warming ceremony, baby showers, festival celebrations, patriotic days, etc. Thus, the events where flowers are used can go on and on as flowers are considered pure, message coded and desired by all because of its serenity and pleasant fragrance. Read More →