chocolate-giftsSo you finally decided to get married? Well, what can I say but congratulations and I know you will have long and happy years ahead of you. Of course weddings are a real handful (you should know that already), and sometimes things get overlooked or just plain forgotten. One thing every good wedding host must provide for their guests are gift baskets to take home after the reception. Now, traditionally you are not obligated to give anything to your guests, but we live in modern times and people are kind of expecting something in return for their wedding gifts (which are way, way more expensive than, let’s say an assorted box of chocolates), and you will be considered a bad host if you don’t indulge in this new age trend. For what its worth, you have to make a commitment and follow the strict code of gift giving in the context of weddings. But there is an addendum to the rule, and it is as follows: Read More →

wedding3Most commonly used flowers for arrangements

When people come in at the wedding, it’s the first thing that seeks their attention. The most commonly used flowers are:


  • Marigold: Marigolds or “gendas” are the most popular flower of Indian wedding. It is of an orange and yellow colors and trust me it looks beautiful when both are mixed together and put to decorate the house. Marigold is a popular choice among Indians. It is also used to worship Vishnu. Marigold petals are also added to “Rangoli” for beauty. This flower is long lasting because it stays fresh for 2-3 days.


  • Tulip: Another variety which is increasingly in demand is the tulip. It is of very sweet color and symbolizes love for each other.


Flowers are used in different designs and people take it very seriously because of its importance in the couple’s life. These are mostly used:

  • Flowers for decorating car and horses
  • For  putting in hair
  • Bouquets for bride
  • Decorating the house
  • Decorating the Mandap area
  • Decorating the wedding area
  • Decorating the temple, church etc.

wedding-flowers-wedding-flower-pictures-10As soon as the wedding date is fixed both the families get indulge in making it as the most memorable day of their life. Journey from deciding on the venue to honeymoon is not an easy task. Every couple wants their wedding day to be the most worth mentioning and at the same time want it to be peculiar or different Read More →

3-rose-bouquetConcentrate On the More Importance Areas in the Marriage Hall

There are some areas in the marriage hall or venue that are always under the limelight. These are the places where the guests like to visit. Don’t try to decorate each and every area of your wedding venue, rather, put your focus on the most significant areas, such as the entrance, seats for the bride and groom, food tables, wedding stage and such others. In this way, we can reduce the cost and yet have a great wedding venue. Read More →

Wedding– A once-in-a lifetime event

It is the most treasured occasion in a person’s life. Everyone wants to make their wedding a ‘Dreamy affair’. Every couple wants  to look their best on their wedding day. When it comes to your special day none can be left unhappy. Your D-day can be as beautiful as u make it to be through proper planning and organization. Here are some ideas that can help you plan your wedding: Read More →

Flowers are delicate and a perfect gift for someone you love. Flowers can be presented on any occasion, such as birthdays, weddings or any other event. It is necessary to choose the right flowers for the occasion or person.

Choosing the Right Flowers

  • First of all you should consider the occasion and whether you want to give a single flower, bouquet or the whole plant as a gift. For. E.g. if you are attending a house-warming ceremony, you can give a plant. What can be a perfect gift than a single rose plant? Read More →

It is your wedding and you would want it to be memorable. You have spent hours contemplating on the perfect wedding dress, the jewellery, the trousseau, the guest list, the venue, the wedding theme and the food menu at the reception, flowers for decoration, etc. The last one especially is the most complex one for it is most difficult to choose. But it is your special day and you want everything to be perfect. So here are a few tips to help you with designing and organising floral decorations for the wedding. The most important tip is to leave complex things like flower decoration to experts that is the florists. However, you need to be aware of what to demand and what to expect.


The Wedding Theme


Since everything focuses around a theme, it is important to decide on one and conveying it to the florist. With flowers though, the sky is the limit and any theme can be expressed beautifully through flowers. The theme can be colour oriented for instance white (or any other colour this is one thing which flowers are not limited in). Here, the decoration can be done in white flowers. If you decide on environment as the theme, you can use locally grown flowers, wildflowers instead of exotic ones and single stems instead of the entire bouquet. You could also have ‘traditional’ as the theme and the flowers which are traditionally part of the wedding can be used.


The Wedding Venue


Keep in mind the venue – an outdoor place like a garden will change with season. And, if you have planned a wedding in spring, it might be in full bloom and you would not need to go overboard with flowers. If it is an indoor affair, maybe the venue managers will be able to arrange for potted flowering plants which will serve the dual purpose of being eco-friendly as well as will cut down on the flower budget.