mw105137_0110_bouquet2_xlFlower symbolisms and flowers as gifts

Flowers of different types and colours carry different types of symbolism. Red flowers symbolize love and romance. White flowers symbolize truth, peace and purity. Yellow is the colour of freshness. Lotus flower is the symbol of divinity. Thus, different types of flowers can be presented in different occasions. Chrynsynthnum flowers are also used for worshipping purposes at homes and the temples of the people belonging to the Hindu religion. Fresh Chrynsynthnum flowers are also delivered every day at the homes of people and arranged beautifully in flower vases at different walls and corners of the house. These brightly colour flowers impart to the interior home beautification. White flowers are given as homage in occasion like funerals or memoirs. Yellow Chrynsynthnum flowers can be gifted to any sick person in order to refresh his mind and recover him from his sickness. White flowers are also symbol of friendship, thus these are the best gifts on the friendship day.

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