1We all know that a home-made waterfall designed according to the specific needs and features of your garden can make your entire place look cosy and tranquil. It will also help you turn the garden at home to one of the most-desired places where you and your family can have some rest and relaxation.

Of course, you can do a waterfall and a little pond in your garden by yourself. The procedure is not hard as long as you wish to do it properly.

The overall design of your garden waterfall depends on the specific topographic features of the place you have chosen, on your water pump and the length of the pipe that you are going to use, on the height of the “terrace” where the water will be falling down. However, one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to a garden waterfall design is choosing the right plants that will make the place look even better and will provide your garden with even more balanced and natural look that will help you feel nature closer than ever before.

When choosing the right plants for your home-made waterfall, you should be aware of the fact that there are three main places where you should put some plants in order to make your garden waterfall look natural.

Start with the moist areas on the rocks

Even the gardeners, who are pretty much beginners know that moist parts of their gardens are the perfect places for growing different types of moss. However, if you do not invest some time and efforts in doing that right, you will have to wait for a couple of years before you see enough moss on the rocks of your garden waterfall. That is the reason why one of the best ways you can use in order to cover the moist rock surfaces of your waterfall is literally “transplant” it from somewhere else. You can grow it in a pot or in your garden and then transfer it on the rocks.

There is great variety of mosses but some of the best-looking ones you can use in your garden waterfall are fern moss and pillow moss.

And talking about fern, we should mention the fact that these plants are also quite appropriate for your garden waterfall, because they love water, so they can be put literally between the rocks of the waterfall. You can use different types, but we recommend you the bluebell, the cobra and the ostrich.

Pay some attention on the dry areas on the rocks

In order to make your waterfall look more natural you need to make a “smooth transition” between the moist and the dry part of the rocks. That is the reason why we recommend using some types of moss that grow mainly on dry areas and that are not usually in contact with some water. One of the most appropriate plants that you can bet on is the so-called Spanish moss, which will later “drape” down the waterfall and make the whole thing look balanced.

What plants should you choose for the pond in the base of your waterfall?

What is a pond without some beautiful flowers and plants on the water surface? You can make your garden waterfall pond look like a little piece of heaven by using some water lilies and lotus flowers. This will add some blossoms in the water and make the waterfall more colourful and picturesque. A great idea is to use also some water poppies or yellow floating hears. However, you should be careful in order not to make the pond look “overcrowded”. Remember that the plants you put in there are supposed to become bigger, so do not overdo it.


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