floralLove is a feeling which can be expressed only with the most appropriate words and with the most appropriate action. One such action involves the use of the right flowers to be gifted to the person you love the most so as to make sure that he or she understands that you love him or her with all your heart and soul and are willing to commit to them for the entire life to come. Flowers say a lot of things without saying anything in person; they convey a deep and thoughtful meaning which is essential for two people being in love. Flowers are the best way to let the other person know how much you love him or her and you do not need to express or show the quantum of your likeness, the flowers and the number of them will do so without having to be bothered about. Gifting a person with bunch of flowers in Mumbai, if you really like a bunch of red roses is a clear indication of your proclamation of your undying love and your desire to get into a serious and not flickering relationship with the person. Similarly, there are various other flowers and manners which represent and portray your love without you actually having to say anything. Here is a list of such flowers and manners or ways which express your feelings and desire to the other person:


roses-12Since eternity has red rose been the messenger of love, the reddish hue of the flower accompanied with the sweet fragrance of the same is the best representation of love and desire to be together. Red roses representing love and feelings and the desire to be together have been a known indicator as a love flower since a long time and people across the globe use a bouquet or bunch of the same to express their undying love for someone.

The use of a bouquet or bunch of red roses with twenty or twenty-one of them in the bouquet or bunch is considered to be lucky for expression of love. Again, gifting of red roses in the number equal to the age of the person is another manner which is followed while expressing love. Red roses have the profound effect expressing your heart with feelings articulated in a profuse manner, hence, making the receiver automatically take a soft stand and fall for you.


If saying “I love you” to the person you love is becoming difficult and tedious and you are failing your nerves every time you decide to 92926MGV1zproclaim your love and likeness for the person, then chuck the nervousness out of the building and use lilies to express your love. These beauties of nature, available in multi colors have the tranquil and serene effect on a person along with hinting at the fact that you like him or her. The white lily is said to be a favorite among lovers with this variety being used the maximum number of times for expression of love. The orange and pink lilies are the next alternative to enable you to say “I love you” without having to tussle and be nervous!!!!


Orchids are the best flowers to express love with orchids being a representative of love itself. The gifting of orchids adds a much needed x-factor when it comes to gifting flowers to your partner. These products of nature are not only extremely beautiful to look at and express a deep meaning lying within, it portrays the meaning of love in the purest of forms and as such orchids must be among the flowers you gift your partner to say to him or her how much you love him or her.


THE small petals, the sweet aroma and the beautiful looks, a carnation is the best flower if you are depending upon sweetness to get an yes from the person you are proposing to or simply expressing your love to your partner. Carnations, available in multi colors are one of the best Designers Flowersmessengers of love and affection and must feature in a bunch or bouquet to the person you love. The carnations according to Greek mythology represent affection and as such is a must use flower to show that you love and care.


Sunflowers represent adoration and as such must be used in the initial stages of courtship to express the love and affection a person has for other. These bright colored flowers must be used to make the person you adore feel special and wanted.

Now with all the trivia that you have about what flowers to gift to the person you love or like, make sure that you have the right bunch in your hand when you meet them next.

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