Flowers are integral part of our art, culture, literature, religious worship and celebrations. In the ancient epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata even mentioned about the beautiful flowers and gardens. The lotus has been mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit scripture of the Vedic times. Mention of the lotus was also made by Kalidasa in his play Shakuntala. The poet Asvaghosa also mentions the lotus in his Buddha Charita.

The poet Asvaghosa described the Nandanavana in which Siddhartha Gauthama saw flowering trees and lotuses. During the Buddhist period, gardens were laid out around the monasteries and stupas and there were beautiful gardens in Nalanda and Taxila. It is said that Lord Buddha was born under a tree in a garden, the pipal. The Bodhi tree under which The Buddha attained nirvna, is sacred to the Buddhists.

Vatsyayana A.D.300-400 has also rendered interesting accounts of four kinds of gardens, namely, pramadodyan, udyan, vrikshavatika and nandanavana. Classical Sanskrit literature, as mentioned above, as well as the flower and tree motifs delineated in old sculptures and the architecture of Mathura (Kanishka period A.D.78-101), Bharhut, Sanchi and several others and displayed in the Ajanta frescoes (A.D.100-600) bear testimony to the importance of gardening and flowers in Indian culture.

The important flowers which are natives of India and which are under cultivation in different parts of the world are orchids, rhododendrons, musk rose (Rosa moschata), begonia, balsam (Immpatiens balsamina), globe amaranth (Gomphrena Globosa), gloriosa lily (Gloriosa superba), foxtail lily (Eremerus himalicus), primula (Primuladenticulata P.rosea), blue poppy (Meconopsis), lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), water lily Nymphae spp.), clematis (Clematis Montana- a climber) and the wild tulip of the Himalayas (Tulipa stellata and T.aitchisonii).

The wealth of Himalayan flora was taken to England in the early part of this century. One of these important plant collectors was Frank Kingdon-ward, who visited Assam and Burma about five to seven times during the years 1938 to 1956. He discovered the blue poppy (Meconopsis) for the first time. Ludlow and Sheriff went to Kashmir during the year 1939-41 besides visiting other areas like Tibet and Bhutan. There were similar expeditions to Nepal as well. Several other botanists and plant hunters also came from many other European countries and the USA to our country in search of wild ornamental flowers. As a result of these plant collections, many wild flowers including many alpines like several species of Primula, Orchids, Aconitum, Androsace, Delphinium, Erigeron, Anemone, Aquilegia, Aster, Bergenia, Campanula, Corydalis, Gentiana, Geum, Saxifraga, Allium, Fritillaria, Lilium, Iris, Meconopsis, Paeonia, Clematis, Cornus, Prunus, Rhododendrons, Sorbus, Viburnum and several others were introduced from their wild habitats in India into England and other European countries. Some of these, like the Blue poppy (Meconopsis), Clematis Montana, many species of orchids, rhododendrons and primula, balsam, begonia, foxtail lily (Eremurus himalaicus), gloriosa lily (Gloriosa superba, musk rose (Rosa moschata) etc, are now widely grown in gardens in several parts of the world. Several species of orchids and rhododendrons, which are native of India have been extensively used in breeding new varieties and hybrids.

Flower Meaning

Mumbai Flowers are a part of the most important occasions in our lives. They are conspicuously present on birthdays, funerals, graduation, weddings, etc. forming an integral part of our lives. Some flowers have religious significance too.

It is impossible for any person to be completely unaware of flower meanings. Everyone knows that a red rose stands for romantic love and that one does not send yellow roses to anyone in mourning. However, meanings are associated not only with roses, but also with other flowers.

Most people do not consider flower meanings before gifting flowers. Similarly, people who receive flowers may not know their meaning and hence miss the underlying message.

Christmas Flower Ideas

Let’s find out how we can decorate flowers and use them with many things to let originality show and be admired by people. The one thing we often miss while using flower decorations on Christmas is the Christmas tree itself. This is because there are so many other decorations for the tree that we don’t want to overdo it using flowers as well. This Christmas, why not try another idea to use flowers as decoration, instead of other things? You can use small red and green buds to make it beautiful and more presentable.

You can also make a huge wonderful bouquet for the dining table. Add candles around it or even inside it to give a stunning look. Small flowers can also be used to make outside decorations on a candle, even dried flowers look so beautiful and soothing to the eyes. You just have to dry some flowers, glue them on a transparent sheet and then wrap the sheet around candles. Flowers can also make wonderful Christmas gifts. Another idea is to use flower decorations on the place around the tree and a few paces in front of it.

Birthday Flower Ideas

Another way to say “happy birthday” in a big way is to send flowers  to his/her office each day of his/ her birthday week. Make sure to have a larger selection get delivered on her actual birthday. The arrangements of different flowers is elegant as is, though the bouquet is made even more gorgeous thanks in part to the glass vase and silk bow.

Anniversary Flower Ideas

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and although there are ups and downs in most relationships, those that last are filled with joyful memories and more importantly, with love. If you and your sweetheart are celebrating a milestone in your relationship, it may be nice to let her know how much you still love and admire her.

Simple gestures like making a romantic dinner for her or even sending gorgeous anniversary flowers to his/ her work are other ways to wow his/ her.

Funeral Flowers Ideas

Many people want to incorporate flowers and designs that can be attributed to the deceased, such as his/her favorite flowers, favorite shape, etc.  Others choose to include flowers that symbolize the character of the deceased a way of giving tribute to his or her life on earth.  Some people opt for motifs that are simply correspondent to their taste, regardless of what and how they are perceived by other people.  However, the latter is rarely followed, as funeral flowers are traditionally sent with regard to what culture and history dictates.

New Year Flower Ideas

New Year’s Eve is a time to kick up our heels and say good-bye to the old year. Whether you’re planning a New Year’s Eve bash, an elegant dinner party or a quiet intimate dinner for two adds the finishing touch with a beautiful New Year’s floral arrangement to enhance the atmosphere. Flowers are also perfect to send to your family, friends or host/hostess for New Year’s Day festivities! And, remember, Tidy’s can deliver your flower arrangements, leaving you lots of time to primp for the party!

Flower Fashion Ideas

Flowers are whimsical, elegant, unique and beautiful, just a few words to sum up this popular trend. From long time flowers are used in several ways to look more fashionable by humans. When we see this flower crown headband we feel like in heaven. Not only it’s an easy, but it’s also a fun accessory for women hair and outfit. 

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