FQ52Growing Gerberas

You can prepare Gerbera planting by digging the soil at about 8 inches depth. After that you need to dig about 1 or 2 inches of manure. There should be spacing provided amidst each plant. A spacing of 18 inches is usually provided between the plants. Make sure that you do not cover the crown of the plant as it can suffocate the plants.

Natural mulch like compost, bark or shredded leaves should be spread round the plant during the spring. This mulch has to be applied around the plant carefully leaving space about the crown of the plant.

You should remove the blooms as soon as they fade. You can cut the stem of the bloom that has been faded. You can cut it with the stem that is under the next stem.

Since these flowers need a lot of sunlight to grow they should be put in a location where the maximum amount of sunlight can reach these flowers. These flowers cannot strive if there is not enough light. Although they need a lot of sunshine they should be well protected from the afternoon sunlight. You can choose a proper location where they can get the morning sunlight. You need to make some provision in order to protect them from the harsh afternoon sunlight. A good idea is to face them forward of taller plants so that they get shade in the afternoon.

The soil should be fertilized so that the plants grow well. Also, you can make use of fertilizers that contain high ratios of phosphorus and potassium that are specially made for the flowering plants. You can use fertilizers that are water soluble which are ideal for these plants. These fertilizers should be applied every eight weeks. You have to fertilize these plants monthly in their growing period.

Make sure that you do not water these plants too much. Too much water can damage the root since it is very delicate.  You also need to make sure that they are not attacked by mites as it can completely destroy the flowers. To ward off these insects you can add a mist of water on them when there is low humidity.

While placing the plant you need to soak the roots completely and ensure that the top soil is dry. It should be dry till the next watering. During the blooming season you need to frequently water these plants.


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