04-flore-del-solThe tradition of sending and receiving flowers has been in use since the ancient times. People belonging to the medieval times have also been known to send gifts made of flowers to their beloved. Until the mid of the 1700s, flowers got different meanings attached to them, serving a great way of expression of feelings of the people who were unexpressive. This trend further expanded to other parts of the world when the English and French travelers started spreading the etiquette of the use of flowers with respect to their meanings.

This form used for the expression of emotions was adopted by the Victorian Society very promptly. Different meanings have been attached to the way flowers were presented and accepted along with their color, condition, size, position in the arrangement, accompanying flowers. However, their use gained so much reputation that giving an upside down flower was meant to deliver the opposite message, while their reception was termed to the acceptance or rejection of related messages.

A famous quote related to flowers states that they always make people feel happier, helpful and better, which illustrates how potent these humble flowers are. As flowers have been used as a representation of love, beauty, attraction, thus their power and universal appeal has allowed people to categorize them according to the symbols represented by them.

As a Symbol of Love

Rose is the first flower that strikes our mind when we assume of their relation to the expression of love. Chrysanthemums and red roses have been known for passion and love, while white roses have been used for the communication of pure feelings for the recipient. Similarly, blue flowers have been commonly used as a symbol for ‘forget me not’ emotion, signifying an appeal to be remembered forever. Honeysuckle is another flower that is used as a symbol of love and denotes kindness and generosity in emotions. However, lilacs are a perfect choice for those who have fallen in love for the first time, communicating innocence in their emotions.

Romantic Feelings

These feelings are more often exchanged during special events like the Valentine’s Day for communicating love among each other. Similar to white roses, white carnations are referred to as a symbol for pure roIMG_4415-700x466mantic love. Some cultures, like the Chinese and others see the use of white carnations as a mark of engagement or betrothal. Red tulips are meant to convey the feeling of perfect love, where the velvety black center of these flowers is considered to be a symbol of the lover’s heart that has been darkened by the passion’s heat.

Friendship Symbol

Several flowers have been known as a communicating medium for friendly feelings, so you should have a proper knowledge of their meaning to deliver the right message. Blue periwinkle flowers are a great option for greeting new friends,
while yellow acacias are meant for long-term friends and are presented to those who have stood by during all the ups and downs of life. Gerbera, daisies and zinnias are intended for those who have not spent much time together as friends. Yellow roses are a good option for friends who share a platonic level relationship. Apple blossoms are a nice option for wishing good luck to buddies, while daffodils are a fine option for the conveyance of warm regards to the ones who are truly cared for.

Gratitude and Beauty

There are many times in one’s life when there is a need of proper gift for the expression of thanks or gratitude towards someone who has played a special role. Bellflowers, bluebells and dark pink roses are perfect for communicating these emotions. Moreover, other options like calla lilies, orchids, burgundy roses and cherry blossoms are excellent options, if you are willing to communicate a message to someone that the beauty brought by them to this world is being loved by you. Similarly, birds of paradise are considered to be the right choice for the depiction of celebration and joy of a wedding or the birth of a child.

Although there are many types of flowers that can be used to deliver different feelings and emotions, yet it is important to know if the recipient is allergic to any of the flowers. However, if the recipient has an allergy to the presence of flowers, it is recommended to use silk flowers instead of the real ones to depict your words, rather than not sending any. Thus, find the right type of flowers that are meant for the feeling you are willing to convey and use this perfect communicating medium wisely.

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