91104LzChrysanthemum is derived from two Greek words, chrysos and anthemon. The Greek word chrysos means gold whereas anthemon means flower. Chrysanthemums are world’s most amazing, vibrant and beautiful flowers. These flowers are called as mums with love. They have a lifespan of more than two years. More than thirty species of these flowers have already been introduced to market. These flowers are used on a large scale by florists and they abbreviate it as xants while spelling it.

These flowers were first cultivated in China. These flowers have got many economic uses. These economic uses involve ornamental uses, culinary uses, insecticidal uses and environmental uses.  You can reduce air pollution by keeping Chrysanthemum inside the house. These flowers are also used at the time of condolences and funerals. This flower is a sign of positive energy and cheerfulness.

These flowers are specifically used on mother’s day to express love towards mother. Any of the arrangement with Chrysanthemum lasts for a long time. This is the reason, why these flowers have been getting appreciation from last hundred years. Many of the varieties of this flower were generated after a very long time, but their main characteristics have not changed yet. In many of the latest flowers of this species, the stem of the flower has been altered and extended.

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