Wedding– A once-in-a lifetime event

It is the most treasured occasion in a person’s life. Everyone wants to make their wedding a ‘Dreamy affair’. Every couple wants  to look their best on their wedding day. When it comes to your special day none can be left unhappy. Your D-day can be as beautiful as u make it to be through proper planning and organization. Here are some ideas that can help you plan your wedding:

Wedding planning:

The first and the foremost requirement is to plan the wedding.  These days it has become popular to send flowers to Jaipur also. Most important things under wedding planning are:

  • Budget: One of the essential things is to plan a budget. It is one of the important aspects of the wedding. This includes wedding outfits, jewellery, invitations, gifts, venues, food, music, etc. Having sensible expectations about what you want makes it easier to set the budget. A lot of your wedding decisions depend upon budget so it is a critical aspect of the wedding.
  • Venue: Selecting the right venue is important. It can help help save on your budget. It’s a good idea to visit the venue before choosing one. The venue should look stunning as it sets the mood for the entire event. It is best to book the venue in advance as you have to carry the rest of arrangements here.
  • Hall: The first thing that catches attention of people is the wedding hall. To ensure a great event you have to pick up the best hall which caters all your needs. You can book a hall depending upon the function duration. Work right on your details.
  • Food: No wedding is complete without delicious food. It is one of the main element of any wedding occasion. It is important to decide the menu taking your budget plan into consideration. Hire a good caterer who can provide your choice of food and discuss their suggestions as well. Your caterer may help you determine the various options available. As a large percentage of cost is spent in food and it is important to plan it in advance. Food should be served in a stylish manner. Food is a difficult thing to determine in  the event planning process.
  • Flowers & flower designing techniques: Flowers are the most important and essential part of a wedding ceremony. Its mere presence adds to the vibrancy for any occasion. Their enchanting smells fill up our hearts with happiness. They add beauty to any event.  Make sure you pick flowers by colours. Choose in-season blooms. Over the years, a lot of flower designs have been introduced. Some of the techniques are mentioned below:
  1. Anchoring: This method is used to keep the flowers in place. Various shapes can be     achieved through this method. It is the most popular arrangement.
  2. Binding: This is the most commonly used method to arrange flowers. Binding can                  be achieved by taking the stems of the plant together and tying it. It is useful for making hand bouquets. This arrangement can be used to give a more professional look.
  3. Collaring: This method is used to give the arrangement a complete look. It is used to make a collar which surrounds the centre piece.
  4. Spiralling: Long stem plants are best suited for this type of arrangement. Anchor a plant and it has to be wrapped around the centre plant.
  • Decorator: Planning for your wedding décor is one of the most exciting part of the wedding. It includes the table decorations, chairs and chair covers, centerpieces, flower arrangements, the lighting, ceiling décor, mandaps. Matching everything gives a great impact. Also, take into consideration your colour scheme and the theme. Everything should look elegant and classy. It should create a perfect look. Make sure you hire a good wedding decorator.
  • Photographers: The best moments of your life will be captured in the camera. Find a great photographer who has the same ideas as you do. It is important to choose the best wedding photographer. Make sure that the photos are of high quality.
  • Videographers: A wedding video is something you would like to revisit after your wedding gets over. It can put you back in the wedding experience. Make sure you end up with a good photographer.
  • Music: Music is an integral part of wedding. Its important to find a good DJ to deliver the right kind of wedding songs. You can also hire a wedding band. Be clear about what you want.
  • The exit: Make your exit a grand one that leaves your guests something to talk about for years after your wedding.

Wedding can be memorable with proper planning and organization not only for the bride and groom, but for the guests too. So, try to make it as beautiful as you can.

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