chocolate-giftsSo you finally decided to get married? Well, what can I say but congratulations and I know you will have long and happy years ahead of you. Of course weddings are a real handful (you should know that already), and sometimes things get overlooked or just plain forgotten. One thing every good wedding host must provide for their guests are gift baskets to take home after the reception. Now, traditionally you are not obligated to give anything to your guests, but we live in modern times and people are kind of expecting something in return for their wedding gifts (which are way, way more expensive than, let’s say an assorted box of chocolates), and you will be considered a bad host if you don’t indulge in this new age trend. For what its worth, you have to make a commitment and follow the strict code of gift giving in the context of weddings. But there is an addendum to the rule, and it is as follows:

  • Don’t be offensive – Even if most of your guests are long-term friends and close family members, handing out erotically shaped candy will be considered bad taste. The same goes with any religious/political symbols, especially if some guests belong to certain group or organization.
  • Don’t poison your guests – When choosing the perfect sweet gift for wedding, you must be aware that some people might be allergic to certain kinds of ingredients. Peanut allergies are most common, followed by lactose intolerance. The best thing is to either warn your guests in advance, which would be kind of awkward, or choose plain sugary treats that no one will have a problem with.
  • Have an alternative solution – Not all people like sweet things. Others might suffer from diabetes or are on a strict ‘no sugar’ diet. chocolatesAlways have an alternative handy just in case someone doesn’t like your choice of flowers in Kolkata. There are plenty of ‘no sugar’ sweets out there, and of course you can always substitute refined sugar for fruit.
  • Abstain from choosing a particular taste – Personally, I love coconut, but I can name at least 5 people from the top of my head that would rather eat thumb-tacks than ingest even one bite of something which has coconut inside. So just stick with plain chocolate and everything will be just fine. And if your guests don’t like chocolate, I say tough noodles.

Different Types of Chocolate For That Special Day

  • Dark Chocolate – Maybe my all time favorite kind of chocolate; dark chocolate is anything but bland. There is sweet, semi-sweet, bittersweet or unsweetened dark chocolate, but most people would prefer sweet over bittersweet and semi-sweet over unsweetened. Choose dark chocolate if some of your guests are lactose intolerant – dark chocolate is made withChristmas_wallpaper_christmas_photos_52616 very milk.
  • White Chocolate – White chocolate is made using very little cocoa. It is sweet, yet is doesn’t taste like chocolate at all! Rarely used for cooking, white chocolate is ideal for people who dislike the taste of cocoa.
  • Milk Chocolate – Just like the name suggests, milk chocolate is made using a lot of milk, and not that much butter. Most chocolates in the world are made this way, and one might say that they are the perfect chocolate for every occasion. If I had to go with a single type of chocolate, I would undoubtedly choose this one! Good luck!


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