We all get some flowers and beautiful bouquets for our special holidays. These flowers are like a live memory of the holiday itself – they remind  us of the great emotions that we have felt, of the special attitude we got from our relatives, friends and loved ones and after all, bouquets are gorgeous. However, a few days or weeks after the great event, the nice fresh flowers wilt, their colours fade away and the whole look of the composition changes. Some people say that it is not a good idea to leave some dried flowers at home, because they are actually dead and bring negative energy. Are dry flowers a good memory of dead things from our past?dry roses2

Well, don’t forget that unlike plastic or artificial fldowers, dry flowers are real. The aroma of some dry flowers is actually stronger and if we manage to dry them properly, they will keep their shape and colour, and this actually makes them look as good as fresh ones. Dry leaves and blossoms may be a great decoration to your home, as long as you know how to use them and show some imagination.

Methods of drying

Flowers that have a larger cup usually dry more easily. The best way to do that is to hang them with the blossoms down and leave them like that for a few days. You can put them on the balcony or another well-ventilated area where you can clip them and leave them the way we have already described. This is the best way to dry roses, because they keep the way their beauty and colour and the blossoms remain intact.


If you want to dry smaller flowers, you better place them between the sheets of a thick book. The weight of the book will make them thin and delicate enough, which on the other hand makes them perfect for different decorations, cards or even for incorporation into handmade paper. An important part of this procedure is to put the flowers carefully between the sheets of the book and leave them for a few weeks. You can add more weight by putting more books on top. This is the perfect way for drying wild and garden violets, daisies, clovers, etc.

When it comes to drying an entire bouquet, a good idea is to use some hairspray on it. Do not forget that flowers must be sprayed just 3144before they have faded. This way you can also keep your bridal bouquet.

Separate flowers and leaves can also be dried using a flat surface. You can use a wooden or a cardboard surface for this purpose or also a wax coated sheet of paper. It is also important to put the flowers on shade but not in a direct sunlight.

If you want to complete the drying process faster, you may use your oven. The proper way to do that is to dry the flowers the way you dry fruits and vegetables for the winter – turn the oven on a low temperature and a fan mode. This way you will be able to preserve chrysanthemums and garden tulips blossoms.

You can use some sand when want you want to dry hyacinth, chamomile and sunflower blossoms. How can you do that? Put a layer of sand in a small plate or a box, then put the flower blossoms and then carefully bury them in the sand. The sand you have put will absorb the moisture from the flowers and dehydrate them, keeping their shape and colour. A good idea is to leave a mark where you have put the flower in order to not break it when digging to remove it from the sand. Have in mind that you will need at least a few weeks when using this method.

You can dry some flowers with irregular shape by putting them in melted wax or paraffin. The essential part is that your wax/paraffin must be warm but not hot, because high temperature may deform the blossoms. The flower is quickly removed from the wax/paraffin and then put on icy water or in the freezer.

Have in mind that when dried, flowers usually change their colour. So, if your crimson roses become purple or nearly black, and your red tulips become lilac, don’t panic. Of course, this does not apply to all flowers.

You can use dry flowers for decorations by adding some pine cones, pieces of bark, stumps, moss, leaves, pumpkins, acorns, etc. You can put them in a vase or a basket in order to make your home look more cosy.

Author Bio: July Minor is passionate blogger and home improvement maniac. She is working for Battersea expert carpet cleaner but her dream is to be interior designer. She loves to spend her free time blogging and writing about decoration.

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