The celebration of Valentine’s Day with the use of flowers has been associated with a well-known story that it began after the shot of a first love arrow by cupid into a shy suitor. Earlier only men used to send flowers to their beloved partners, but now women have also started following the same practice on this day of lovers.Image of valentine flowers and gifts

The Origin

This holiday is known to originate in the Lupercalia’s pagan festival and is recognized greatly in the United States, Austria, Germany, France and England. During the early 19th century, people used to express their emotions through a popular custom of using romantic cards, while the practice of using flowers is a recent one that was enabled by the floral industry and not by any prehistoric conviction.

Types of Flowers Used

Customarily, red roses of long stems have been popular among lovers on this occasion, while others like azaleas, tulips and carnations have also gained an immense popularity nowadays. Miniature or sweetheart roses are an affordable option as compared to tea roses, but offer a similar attraction and are available in alike range of colors as well, ranging from pale pink and red to yellow, white, lavender, peach and cream.

For an alternate to the use of red roses, you can get a bouquet prepared with flowers of different colors, where a red-white-pink color scheme is a nice choice. Different flower alternatives that you can make use of include Freesia, tulips, carnations and daisies, while ginger, red Anthurium and Alstromeria are some exotic choices. A finishing touch can also be added to the arrangement with the use of a few twigs of baby’s breath.

Potted flowering plants are also a great choice for the extension of this day’s greeting and can brighten up the recipient’s upcoming days of the winter season. Some of the common flowers available in such an arrangement include potted azaleas, cyclamens, chrysanthemums and tulips. On the contrary, Kalanchoe accompanied by scarlet red flowers, tied with spikes to keep them high, stack of vivid blue, purple or red blossoms and Cineraria flowers with fuzzy leaves is some unusual varieties available for the occasion.floral

Buying and Protecting Flowers

While buying a bouquet of red roses, it is advised to make a selection of blooms that are going to open rather than the opened ones. Since the chilling temperature of the February month is likely to damage their delicacy, so you should protect them by enclosing in a wrapping paper. Also, closely inspect all the blossoms, buds and leaf undersides for any sign of insect pests or diseases.

For a proper care of the floral gift, you can enclose a note with instructions on how to take care of the floral arrangement. An important point to mention is that the plants should be well-watered, while avoiding out of drafty areas and over-watering the plants.

Surrounding temperature is also important for flowers to blossom proper, which should be 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit and 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit during the night time and day time respectively. It is also recommended that the paper or foil used to cover the pot should be removed to help the plant drain adequately.

The selection of flowers is also an important aspect in this regard as roses do not sustain well in the climate of the northern region. However, climbing roses and other old-fashioned types are known to be a healthier choice as compared to hybrid tea roses, since the former are known to better tolerate winter conditions.

Thus, flowers have become an essential part of the celebration of Valentine’s Day, where different species and colors are known to signify different feelings. Hence, if you are planning to gift a handful of roses to your special someone this Valentine, give a thought to other options available as well.

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