Happy TimeWhat is it that showcases the flower?

The specialty of this flower is that though the flower appears to be a single whole, the fact is that it is composed of hundreds of flowers. The tips of the petals are dark colored contrasts of the inner light color of the petals. This gives the flower a look of royalty and also acts as a special attraction adding to its beauty.

Usage of Gerbera unbounded

Gerbera is a flower that finds wide use in decorations. The royal look is the main reason that it is preferred for the decoration. They find large decorative value in marriages where the surroundings are grandly decorated using these flowers. It also finds usage as cut flowers which are nothing but the flowers that have been cut directly from the plant that is bearing it. These cut flowers are used in ornamenting a vase or in the making of bouquets or flower bunches that can act as an indoor decoration and may also be presented to the loved ones.

Choose what suits your needs the best

As discussed earlier that these flowers are available in many shapes and sizes, Gerbera is also available in many sizes with the flower head ranging from 7 centimeters to even 12 centimeters. This flower also offers a wide range of colors like yellow, white, red, orange and pink which are all vibrant colors that are liked and adored by most of the people making the place of use look elegant and nice. The center of the flower sometimes is black in color giving it a vibrant look.

Spreading the pleasant aroma

Bangalore, India is the largest grower of Gerbera flower in India. The fragrance of the flower is another important and significant point that needs to be noted of the flower from Bangalore. This enables its usage in the preparation or making of perfumes and scents. They also emit the fragrance in the whole of the surroundings where it is kept creating an atmosphere of pleasantness. This sweet smell is the reason that it attracts many butterflies, bees and birds.

Summing Up

All these properties make this flower Gerbera among the most preferred and commercially sound flower of sale with a florist. It comes among the top five cut flowers that are more in demand among the people for occasions of celebration and happiness. This flower is also preferred by many scientists as a study organism in the category of flower formation and development. It is a perennial plant which means that it can be grown and that it flowers all throughout the year generating revenue to the cultivator and at the same time making it available to the customers in need of the flower all round the year.

An apt conclusion to this would be a saying of Jacques Deval who said “God loved the flowers and invented soil. Man loved the flowers and invented vases”.

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